Air Pot


CG Electric Kettle 4.0L Genuine product.
Rs. 2106 Rs. 2340

CG ELECTRIC KETTEL 2.3L With Plastic Body.

CG Electric Kettle 2.3L With Plastic Body.
Rs. 1330


CG Electric Kettle with 360 Rotational Base.
Rs. 900 Rs. 1020


CG Electric Kettle with Heavy Body.
Rs. 1250 Rs. 1420

CG ELECTRIC KETTEL 1.8L With Plastic Body.

Plastic body Electric Kettle of Genuine Brand.
Rs. 1190

Della Air Pot DL-AP48UT (4.5 ltrs)

360 degree rotating Base Stainless Steel inner pot
Rs. 4100

Della Air Pot DL-AP38UT (3.5 ltrs)

360 degree rotating Base Stainless Steel inner pot
Rs. 4000

CG 5Ltr. Hot Pot – CG-HP5001

CG Hot Pot
Rs. 5640 Rs. 6400

Baltra Perfect Electric Airpot

The perfect Electric Airpot for home use.
Rs. 4975

Baltra Thermal Electric Airpot BAP-201

The perfect Thermal Electric Airpot for home use.
Rs. 5275

Baltra Electric Multipurpose Boiler 10 Ltr GAJ BC 152

Best Used For Heating, Boiling Water and Making Tea /Coffee
Rs. 9000


out of stock .
Rs. 2400

Get instant hot water with Air pots

Most people cannot get out of their bed for a moment without their cup of coffee or tea. The whole process of pushing yourself to the kitchen to make your beverage is even more annoying. This appliance is the best combination of a hot water flask and an electric kettle. It provides hot water in an instant, which you can mix with tea, coffee, or soups. On this online portal, you will find a broad range of products from world-class brands. They are used in home, offices , hotels and restaurants. The pot is also available in various volumes to suit your domestic needs. It is indeed a simple and useful appliance for working people. The electric Air Pots is not just for boiling water. You can also heat things up quick and easy with Pot. This equipment comes with a “keep warm” function a. It has an instant recoiling function Plus, there is a large water indicator panel too for ease of use. All this means you can now have hot water anytime and at the temperature you need.

Warm up Easily with Air Pots

While most of you know the benefits of hot water, you won’t have the patience to heat water all the time. The hot water dispenser is convenient to serve hot or cold drinks through an ingenious air pressure system. It keeps the liquid hot or cold for a day. It is very hygienic as it is easy to disassemble and assemble for fast cleaning. It also has a drip-free pouring spout, thereby making it mess-free. Thanks to its safety lock, it will prevent accidents from happening. It is made of high-quality, non-toxic materials and is a smart and energy-saving hot water dispensing pot that keeps you going for a long way.
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