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Yasuda Washing Machine YS-FMA70

Get a washing machine which has 7 KG Fully Automatic Front load ,Silver body,1400 RPM,with Display.Make savings with yasuda

Rs 53,280

Weight : N/AKG
Code : YS-FMA70
Dial/Whatsapp/Viber 9851134183 to order
Product Description

 Brand: Yasuda
Capacity: 7.0 Kg wash capacity
Front load Washing Machine
12 Programs
1400 rpm Spin Speed
Overflow Control Overhearing Control
Warranty: 1 year

Washing machines aren't built like they used to be (thank goodness!), and today they're truly very reliable kitchen appliances that rarely go wrong. This is great news for busy mums who don't have the time to sit down and read the user manual from start to finish, learning about all the different washing machine parts.
However, for us matic moms, understanding a little about some of the more important functions could save a lot of hassles should we ever encounter a bit of difficulty using the machine.A washing machine (laundry machine, clothes washer, or washer) is a device used to wash laundry. The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning (which uses alternative cleaning fluids, and is performed by specialist businesses) or ultrasonic cleaners.