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PROLINK PRO901L On-Line UPS 1000VA Ext. Battery

No more power cut with prolink PRO901L.

Rs 29,700

Weight : 10.8KG
Code : PRO901L
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Product Description



Brand: Prolink
Model: PRO901L (Online UPS 1000VA Ext.Battery)
Capacity Phase Volt-Amp 1000VA
Watt 800W
Single Phase In/ Single Phase Out
Isolation Transformer: Optional
Input AC Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC or 110/115/120/127VAC
Input Voltage Range: Low Line Transfer 60/140/120/110VAC ±5% or 80/70/60/50VAC ±5% #1
Low Line Comeback 168/148/128/118VAC ±5% or 84/74/64/54VAC ±5% #1
Low Line Comeback (Auto Restart)168VAC ±5% or 84VAC ±5% (80%~ 100% Load)
148VAC ±5% or 74VAC ±5% (0%~ 80% Load)
High Line Transfer 300VAC ±5% or 150VAC ±5%
High Line Comeback 290VAC ±5% or 145VAC ±5%
Input Frequency Ranger: 40~70Hz (Auto Sensing)
Power Factor: ≥ 0.98 @Nominal Voltage (100% load)
Output AC Voltage: 208/220/230/240VAC or 110/115/120/127VAC
Output AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode): ±1%
Output Frequency Range: Synchronized Range 47~53Hz or 57~63Hz
Battery Mode 50Hz ±0.25Hz or 60Hz ±0.3Hz
Current Crest Ratio: 3:1
Harmonic Distortion: Linear Load ≤3% THD
Non-Linear Load ≤6% THD
Transfer Time: AC Mode to Battery Mode Zero
Inverter To Bypass 4ms (Typical)
Waveform (Battery Mode: Pure Sinewave
Efficiency AC Mode 88.5%
Battery Mode 83.7%
Battery Standard Mode: Type 12V9AH
Numbers 2
Typical Recharge Time 9 hours recover to 90% capacity
Charging Current (max.) 1A
Charging Voltage 27.4VDC ±1%
Battery Long-Run Mode: Types Depending on application
Numbers 2
Charging Current (max.) 1A/5A
Charging Voltage 27.4VDC ±1%
Indicator: LCP Panel UPS Status, Load Level, Battery Level, 
Input/Output Voltage, Discharge Timer,
Fault Conditions
Alarm Battery Mode Sounding every 4 seconds
Low Battery Sounding every seconds
Overload Sounding twice every seconds
Fault Continuously sounding
Physical Standard Dimension (DxWxH) 397×145×220 mm
Standard Weight 10.8 kg
Long-Run Dimension 397×145×220 mm
Long-Run Weight 5.7 kg