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PHILIPS SHP1800/97 Indoor Corded TV Headphone

A lightweight headphone for the long use, with a 6m cable extension.

Rs 1,000

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Code : SHP1800/97
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Product Description


Product Name: Headphone
Model Name: Indoor 
Model No: SHP1800/97
Cable Length:         6 m
Voltage:           230V-50Hz
Power:             2000 W
Type of Cable:     Copper
Diaphrgram:           Mylone dome
Magnet Type:         Neodymium
Voice Coil:              Copper
Frequency response:       14-22 Hz
Impedance:                       32 ohm
Maximum power input:      100 mW
Senistivity:                         100 dB
Speaker diameter:             30 mm
Type :                                 Dynamic