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Master Key Phone 24-Key SL1000: IP4WW-24TX1-A TEL-WH

NEC SL1000 BE110263 IP4WW-24TXH-A-TEL 24-Keys Digital Telephone

Rs10000 Rs 8500

Weight : N/AKG
Code : 24TX1
Dial/Whatsapp/Viber 9851134183 to order
Product Description


24 key version

Backlit keypad and display

Adjustable angle

Programmable keys with LEDs

4 feature keys and navigation keys

Headset port

Full Duplex Speakerphone

20 number personal directory

1000 number system/group directory

Built-in wall mount kit

Dual-color call indicator lamp

8 Selectable ring tones

Energy saving sleep mode

Model: IP4WW-24TXH-B-TEL(WH)