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Sony is multinational organization that has history almost more than 60 years. Sony corporation is involved in the developing, designing, manufacturing and selling electronic equipment and devices, game consoles and software. It is also producing and distributing motion picture , home entertainment , television products and recorded music. Sony Smart TV is assured as champion when it comes to smart television. Explore the infinite world of entertainment with Sony Smart television. Connect to the internet to play intriguing games , watch shows and movies ; the list is endless. Purchase a Sony Smart TV integerated with high-end features from pasal Nepal b2b. The cost varies from as low Rs 20000 to Rs.75000 and above. You can decide according to your budget. The robust panel technology ensures endurance and exceptional visual quality. Filter your search by screen size that varies from 22 inches to 65 inches and above .Sony smart televisions boast different screen resolutions such as HD ,HD ready and UHD .As per the updated list on 28th April,2019, there are around 94 Sony smart TVís available for your purchase.