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Kent Maxx Water Purifier

Purified water storage capacity of 7 litres with detachable storage tank

Rs 17,490

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Product Description


KENT Maxx Wall Mountable / Table-Top Design with Detachable Storage Tank, Double Purification by UV+UF. KENT Maxx is India’s only UV water purifier with storage tank. It is suitable for wall mounting or table-top installation, providing users with a choice to install it as per their requirement. It has a transparent and detachable storage tank, which ensures easy on-site cleaning. The tank can be easily removed and cleaned without the help of a technician. Also the transparent tank makes the purifier visually appealing.
Product Features:
  1. India’s only UV water purifier with Storage tank
  2. Double purification by UV + UF
  3. WQA Gold Seal Certified
  4. Suitable for low TDS water
  5. Purified water storage capacity of 7 litres with detachable storage tank
  6. Computer controlled operation with Filter Change and UV Fail alarms
  7. High power 11W UV lamp for complete deactivation of harmful micro-organisms
  8. Fully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off
  9. Built-in SMPS that supports wide range of input voltage (100-300V AC) for handling voltage fluctuations
  10. Spin-welded UF membrane housing that prevents tampering
  11. Push-fit components for leak-proof performance
  12. Food grade, non-breakable, ABS plastic construction
Product KENT Maxx
USP Only UV water purifier with transparent & detachable storage tank
Installation Wall Mountable/ Table-Top
Technology UV+UF
Purification Capacity 1 litre/minute
Max. Duty Cycle 120 litres/day
Storage Tank Capacity 7 litres (transparent and detachable)
Filter Cartridges Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF Membrane
UF Membrane 0.1 Microns
UV Lamp Power 11 Watt
Min. Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg/cm2
Max. Inlet Water Pressure 3 kg/cm2
Input Voltage 100-300V AC (50Hz)
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Dimensions L390 W285 H400 (mm)
Net Weight 6.10 kgs