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Gravity (Offline) IDOL STAR

100% chemical free

Rs 3,500

Weight : N/AKG
Code : Gravity (Offline) IDOL STAR
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Product Description


  • Offer 50% Cashback Gift voucher Worth Rs 895/- Inside The Box
  • Is made of safe material as it is food grade, unbreakable and non-toxic engineering plastic
  • Removes dust, color, odor, bacteria, virus and cysts, bearing mineral gravity and UF purification technology
  • Is non electric and has built in high storage of 18 L, Can be considered for effective controlling of bacteria and other micro-organisms and insure you with healthy, pure and crystal clear drinking water
  • Neer Guard is only Authorized seller of Blue mount on Amazon, buyer who will purchase this product from other seller who are selling this product illegally will not be liable to get any Warranty or Additional services